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Marketing/Media Mix Modeling – Omnichannel Measurement (MMM)


In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, understanding the effectiveness of your efforts across various channels is essential for success. Marketing mix modeling (MMM) offers a comprehensive solution to this challenge, providing marketers with the tools and insights needed to optimize their strategies effectively.

Marketing mix modeling involves analyzing vast amounts of data to quantify the impact of different marketing channels on a brand’s sales and revenue. By taking into account various internal and external factors, such as advertising volume, seasonal variables, and market trends, MMM marketing enables marketers to make informed decisions about where to invest their resources for maximum return on investment.

With consumers engaging with brands across multiple channels, measuring the impact of marketing activities can be challenging. FutureSight helps marketers overcome this hurdle by providing a holistic view of their marketing mix and identifying which channels contribute most to their business objectives.FutureSight’s Media Mix Modeling is built for omni-channel marketers, whose measurement goal may occur online or offline.™ identifies incremental goal events (e.g. “sales”), even revealing those goal events that occurred naturally. It then calculates the ROI of the incrementality before scenario planning identifies the optimal media mix.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming number of messages across all channels. That’s why it’s important for media teams to understand which marketing efforts resonate most with their audience.

With FutureSight, you can quantify the impact of your marketing and advertising campaigns across all channels. Our platform analyzes historical data and identifies patterns, helping you make informed decisions on how to best optimize your mix

FutureSight offers a model for brands advertising in multiple spot markets, so that they can customize the measurement of their advertising impact in each individual DMA, simultaneously without iterative measurement for each market.


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