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FutureSight Analytics Platform Launches

FutureSight Analytics Platform Launches to Deliver Powerful Tools to Midmarket Brands Offering Enhanced Business Results and Marketing ROI

Impressive Early Results Spark Risk-Free Offer

BOSTON, MA – April 15, 2024 –™, a marketing analytics platform designed to empower midmarket brands today unveiled data-driven, risk-free marketing tools poised to elevate brand success. The program offers regional and smaller national brands and their agency collaborators a sophisticated machine learning method to plan and optimize their marketing mix and provides a holistic view of the impact marketing investments have on sales.

The new platform is specifically designed for brands with midmarket advertising budgets across both digital and traditional media channels. The heart of this innovation lies not just in the sophisticated marketing analytics it offers, but in making these advanced tools widely available. It brings major league tools to a wider range of players, empowering more brands to refine and enhance their advertising strategies with precision.™ precisely guides users on where to allocate media dollars, forecasts outcomes, and measures historical incremental sales and return on investment. Confidence in FutureSight is so high that results are backed by a unique fee reimbursement guarantee.

“Today’s marketing landscape is increasingly complex, especially with the challenges of data privacy laws and the vast array of ID solutions and channels available to reach consumers,” said co-founder Jenna Umbrianna. “Each element of a marketing portfolio interacts with others in unique ways, making it essential to understand these dynamics to make informed investment decisions through innovative and non-cookie-dependent methods.”

FutureSight Benefits:

  • Closes the divide between online and offline marketing decisions and between online and offline business outcomes.
  • Employs probabilistic data, ‘white box’ machine learning, and analytics to gain in-depth insights across the entire marketing mix and identifies the optimum media budget.
  • Conducts strategic scenario planning and forecast outcomes with confidence.
  • Quantifies business outcomes, historical incremental sales, and return on investment.
  • Includes offline channels that scale beyond just digital.

“FutureSight revolutionizes the accessibility of advanced marketing analytics, formerly exclusive to major brands, allowing all businesses to harness the potency of marketing science in their media allocation strategies.” stated Josh Chasin, FutureSight Advisor.

The platform’s proven success in driving impressive results underscores confidence, offering a risk-free guarantee. This assurance stems from its ability to navigate the complexities of marketing measurement, avoiding the common pitfall of over-investing in easily quantifiable tactics. It makes investing in the platform a no-brainer, ensuring that the lack of mistakes translates to a secure and promising opportunity for midmarket advertisers.

FutureSight Results:™ early adopters include a Fortune 1000 B2B brand that increased total leads by 25% at a positive ROI; a prominent university adjusted flighting and channel mix, and increased applications and overall ROI by 10%; and a regional credit union attributed a 2% increase in home equity sales to adjusting messaging and media mix between home equity loans and auto loan advertising.

Media teams can sign up for FutureSight at or through the Snowflake Marketplace. For additional information contact

About FutureSight™ is a marketing analytics platform designed to empower midmarket brands to boost business outcomes. In today’s market, brand leaders must do more with less. Powered by machine learning and award-winning data science, FutureSight gives users a holistic view of the impact their paid media investments have on sales, allowing them to optimize campaigns and take the confident actions required to drive maximum ROI and growth – guaranteed! Learn more about us at

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